Saturday, December 3, 2011 Bedford Christmas Parade "A Winter Wonderland"

(Left to Right) Karleen Jamison,Tori McLaughlin, Susanne Tucker, Jennifer Perkey, Amanda Myers, Allison Perkey, Madison Myers, Luke Hogan, Nikki Cook, Ethan Hogan, Karson Overstreet, Colin Cook, Teresa Hogan, Nicole Cifelli, Tanya Overstreet, Vicky Trent and Mary Ann Layman

Bank of Fincastle employees: (Left to Right) Karleen Jamison, Amanda Myers and Jennifer Perkey

Bank of Fincastle employees: (Left to Right) Jennifer Perkey and Amanda Myers with our Chocolate Chip Cookie treats!

All together, ready for the Parade

Sideview of our float with the Snowman Children

Snowmen handing out cookies

The Bank of Fincastle 1965 Chevrolet Parade Float

Bank of Fincastle employees: (Left to Right) Nikki Cook and Mary Ann Layman

Bank of Fincastle employee Tanya Overstreet with her grandaughter, Karson Overstreet










2011 "A Winter Wonderland" Parade

On Saturday, December 3, 2011 The Bank of Fincastle entered a float in the annual Bedford Christmas Parade. The theme for 2011 was "A Winter Wonderland".

There were a total of 10 Bank Employees and 7 children on the Bank's float. We portrayed the theme by wearing Snowman Costumes and gave out Chocolate Chip cookies.

It was our first year being a part of the Bedford, VA Christmas Parade-we were very excited! There was a huge crowd and we handed out over 2,100 cookies to adults and children.

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