Fall Leaves | Photo by Rebecca Evans

Fall in Fincastle | Photo by Margee Wright

Blue Ridge Sunset | Photo by Anna Robertson

Never Grow Up, Fincastle| Photo by Sam Baker


"Photography helps people to see."

Bernice Abbott


Submit Your Photos Via Email To:


Submit Your Photography

All photography that is submitted will be considered for use on the Bank of Fincastle website or in our marketing.

General Information

If you have stunning photos of the Botetourt or nearby surrounding areas please share them with us!

Consent to use your photo is given when you submit your photo to us. Photography must be in Botetourt or nearby surrounding areas. Please send all submissions (of architecture, nature, landscape, and wildlife photography) by “electronic” format via email.

All rights remain with the photographer. By submitting your photo(s) to the Bank of Fincastle, you grant The Bank of Fincastle first serial rights to publish the photo(s). You also declare that you are the sole owner of the rights to the photo(s). If the photo submitted does not belong to you, and the owner of the said photo wishes its' removal, the photo will be immediately removed from the site or our marketing.

If or when we use your photo(s) we will display who the photographer was, the name or location of the image, and an email will be sent to the photographer informing them where and when their image will be used.


-Consent for use of your photo is given when you submit your photo to us.

-Photography must be in Botetourt or nearby surrounding areas.

-Photo must be of architecture, nature, landscape, and/or wildlife.

-Name and/or description of the subject.

-Where and when the image was taken.

-Type of camera, lens and setting used, if possible.

Image Guidelines

In order to present your image at the highest possible quality, please follow these simple steps when submitting your image(s).

Please do not place the photo in a “picture frame,” outline or use any other “edge effects” on the image. Prior to posting your image, we will resize the photo as needed, and convert the file to JPEG format if used for web publication.
Other than very minor possible adjustments of contrast, brightness and sharpness, we will not alter your image in any other way. Attach each image to the email separately, to ensure we will receive it.

Submitting your Photo

Help us Go Green! All submissions are via email only. Please send your image(s) at the highest possible quality. Remember to convert the file to JPEG. If you plan to send more than one image, please send them in separate emails.

Send your photography with your name, address, email, phone number and a title.

Photos are to be sent to: i-photo@bankoffincastle.com

Thank you for considering and/or submitting your photography to The Bank of Fincastle!