If you need further assistance please call us at 540-473-2761.

Other Services

The Bank of Fincastle is always prepared to have the services you need when you need them. For more information on specific services and fees contact us at 540-473-2761 or visit any branch.


Foreign Currency

If you are planning a trip to a foreign country you can exchange your United States dollars for the currency of the country you are visiting. It usually takes about three to five days for us to order foreign currency.


Money Orders

Need a money order? The Bank of Fincastle offers money orders for a minimum fee. Stop by any Bank of Fincastle office and a teller will be happy to assist you.


Official Checks

Official checks are typically used for large transactions between private parties who want a cash equivalent that doesn't involve the risks of carrying cash. To get an official check, simply stop by any Bank of Fincastle office and give the money to a teller who will issue you a check for a minimum fee. Remember, if you pay for something with an official check, it's usually a good idea to make a copy of the check before dropping it in the mail. If you have a photocopy of the check, it will be a lot easier to trace the original because the photocopy will include the check's serial number and other information.


Safe Deposit Boxes

Do you need a safe place to keep jewelry and other valuables, as well as your will and other important documents? The Bank of Fincastle has safe deposit boxes available at the Daleville, Fincastle, Troutville, The Glebe, and 460 branch offices. When you rent a safe deposit box, you will sign a card. We will also need the signatures of anyone else who will have access to the box. Every time you visit your box, your signature will be compared to the signature on the card. It takes two keys to open the box, your key and the bank's key.


Switch Kit

We want to help you move your accounts to The Bank of Fincastle with ease. Moving your checking account can be overwhelming, but it most certainly does not have to be.

General Information

1. When you open your new account, you will receive a starter kit that will contain temporary checks. The checks will contain our bank routing number and your new account number. The Bank of Fincastle's routing number is 051403588. Be sure to make note of these numbers.

2. Once your account is open you can sign up for our online banking service, i-Bank@home. That way, you will be able have access to your accounts wherever and whenever you need to.

3. Sign up for i-Bank with Bill Pay.

4. Stop using your old checking account, but be sure to keep it open until all of your checks have cleared and your direct deposits and automatic payments have been changed.

5. Shred your old, unused deposit slips, checks, ATM and VISA check cards. Then balance your old account. Complete the Reconciliation Form and be sure to keep it for your records.

6. Authorize The Bank of Fincastle as your new bank for Direct Deposits. Complete the Direct Deposit/Automatic Payment Switch Form, using the account number and routing number you wrote down in Step 1, then mail it to the company or organization that issues the direct deposit. You can also use this form anytime you want to set up a new direct deposit to your accounts at The Bank of Fincastle.

7. Authorize The Bank of Fincastle as your new bank for automatic payments. Use this form to change any loan payments, membership dues, automatic investments, insurance payments, or any other payments that you currently pay through automatic payment from your checking account. Complete the Direct Deposit/Automatic Payment Switch Form, using the account number and routing number you wrote down in Step 1, then mail it to the company that charges your account. Depending on when you send in the form, it may take two billing cycles for the change to be processed.

8. Close your old checking account. Once all in-process deposits or withdrawals and automatic payments/deposits have cleared your old checking account, complete the Account Closing Form letter and mail it to your previous financial institution. Your former bank will send you a check for any remaining balance.

Click on the following for a printable applications:

If you have any questions, please stop by one of our branch locations or call us at 540-473-2761. We want to do everything we can to make your switch to The Bank of Fincastle as easy and simple as possible.


Wire Transfers

A wire transfer is an efficient and fast way to transfer money in and out of your account. Stop by any Bank of Fincastle office and we will be happy to wire your funds.